Guniya Lekh is a sacred and surreal setup by gods of the mountains in the form of a village nestled in the mountains of Dhari Block in Nainital District of Uttarakhand State.

From where you are strategized to stay plethora of activities are available to you and with the small things of beauty to the large scale panoramic views of tribal mountain right in front of you there’s a possibility that you’ll be left mesmerised from the light of the day till the peace of the night but if you’re more into organised way of exploring any gem of a place then we have some planned activities as well like spending your day walking around the charming village, admiring the scenic beauty and enjoying the local cuisine. The village might be fairly ordinary, but with spectacular views of the mountains, who needs any more reasons for not to visit once.

But if you’re still in some doubt of why with us, No fuss I’m here to answer that as well. For Unite Strangers travel has never been the main agenda In fact travelling is a fraction part of our agenda, we run on the concept of uniting strangers irrespective of their gender, profession, culture and any other social limitation for their betterment.

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