🇩🇪Our walled world 🧱: More than a quarter century since the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain came down, walls continue to go up around the world. In steel and concrete, with watchtowers and barbed wire, mankind is building separation barriers at a historical rate (a reported 6,000+ miles in the last decade alone). In an era when globalization is supposed to bring barriers down, why do we REALLY continue to seek division? I’ve heard it all before... including from many people in many places my heart calls home. As history shows, walls hardly address underlying causes of conflict, but do in fact succeed at physically, socially, economically and ideologically pulling neighbors apart. Alas, we’re human, and 1) sometimes the illusion of safety is all we need to justify “security”, and 2) it’s only a matter of time before ppl get fed up with being told what to do. Amirite or am I right?
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Berlin, Germany



  • @loveleafco 22 July, 2019

    I’ve always wanted to make a trip there

  • @victoriavsbrito 19 July, 2019

    Right around my neighborhood!

  • @drhuv_shot 19 July, 2019

    Truly special, Applaud you for that take! it is so effortless. 😇

  • @richiemilov 12 July, 2019

    Sofia? When? MHS is open for ya guys... 🤷🏻‍♂️😊

  • @susanneparris_1 11 July, 2019

    Hi gorgeousnesses

  • @reed_stewart98 11 July, 2019

    I was just there a few weeks ago and I was in awe 😍 hope you’re having fun!!

  • @noradiminno 11 July, 2019

    So right!! 👏👏

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  • @kimberlyariella 11 July, 2019

    You’re right!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • @lilbean77 11 July, 2019

    🖤🖤 #beautyandthebeast

  • @leeeners21 11 July, 2019

    You’re so very right and I don’t mean to take away from this post 💯🙌🏼, but also you’re gorge 😍

  • @alexia_usgaard 11 July, 2019

    Yes!! Loving the depth and the Disney reference of course 🙌

  • @barbara__gigi 11 July, 2019

    Absolutely!!! The hateful, angry past clings desperately to the future in IGNORANCE!!!!

  • @feelthefunkk 11 July, 2019

    Im heAded there in two weeks, hit me up with all your recommendations!

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  • @cmav411 11 July, 2019

    Love this! ❤️

  • @allier913 11 July, 2019

    You are so right!! 🙌

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